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Banxico celebrates independence - El Financiero

Banxico celebrates independence – El Financiero

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) The new 20-peso bill was put into circulation on Friday to commemorate the bicentennial of independence.

“This banknote has characteristics that I would prefer to deal with,” said Alejandro Diaz de Leon, governor of Banxico.

The predominant colors in paper money are red and green. On his face there is an artwork by an unknown author depicting an entrance The Army of Three Guarantees to Mexico City.

On the contrary, a tribute is paid to the mangroves that indicate a reserve Biosphere Cyan Can. Red mangrove fauna is represented by crocodile and the Chocolate Heron.

This banknote belongs to the “G family” which highlights the country’s historical processes and natural wealth. In addition, it was gradually rolled out in 2018, according to the central bank.

This group consists of banknotes in denominations: 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 pesos.

The 20 peso bill currently in circulation has inscriptions in its transparent window, where there is a number of 20 and parallel diagonal lines.

It also consists of the image of Benito Juárez on the obverse and is part of the D1 family that began to spread in 2002. In addition, it was the first to be made in polymer, so its texture differs from that of those made of cotton paper and its transparent window that allowed it to be distinguished from the rest Banknotes, according to information from the Central Bank.