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Basket Nisa was promoted to the quarterfinals of the 2nd League.  Who will play Nisani now?

Basket Nisa was promoted to the quarterfinals of the 2nd League. Who will play Nisani now?

On Saturday (April 17), after a spectacular match in Hala Nisa, Markin Zakis’ players defeated the Sokos Astro Masovica team on their own court. Second win overall Ignerhome AZS basket Nisa promotion to 2nd quarter quarter.

On Saturday (April 17), a match between Ignerhome AZS Basket Nisa and Sokol Astro Masovica ended with a point difference. Nissani beat them with a score of 73:72. A week ago, the Marquin Zakis basketball players won 76:79.

The second game against Sokol was similar to the away game. The “quick entry” of our guests provided a great inspiration to attack us. We chased the end, and finally, after the equation, we crossed some points. We didn’t retain a big advantage, but we kept our nerves and won the match again – said Ignorhome AZS Basket Nice coach Margin Łakis after the game.

Yes Ignerhome AZS basket Nisa lifted to the quarterfinals of the 2nd League

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Mike Wilechowski scored the most points yesterday – 18. Rafes Malitka played a very good match, including a double-double – 17 points, 12 rebounds. The following points were added to the score: Mikas Gravic 13, Mikas Gikato 8, Adam Chichos 6, Tomas Madewski 4, Jakub Lewandowski 3, Marcel Klinievsky 2, Mark Oscar Sunny 2.

These are two very tough matches. It’s hard to play against the Balkans. Fast basketball and quick transfer of the ball to the front field based on each other’s game. Plus, in both games, despite being in charge of Sokol, we never left our heads, we always struggled and believed. We’re so excited to advance to the quarterfinals, but I still think we can get more out of it – says Rafas Malitka of Nice, a medium Ignerhome AZS basket.

The fate of the team’s quarter-finalist from Nisa was decided on Sunday (April 18). Basket Nisa will face MKKS Żak Koszalin.

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