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Officially: Shock.  Super League is born!  There will be a controversy

Officially: Shock. Super League is born! There will be a controversy

The announcement came just after midnight. The founding clubs are as follows: A.C. Milan, Arsenal London, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, FC Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Juventus Turin, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur. With a total of 20 clubs playing in the new tournament, three more clubs are set to join soon.

Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain have all been ruled out of the Super League.

The first president was Real Madrid’s President Florentino Perez. – We will help football get its rightful place in the world. He says football as a single world with 4 billion spectators and our responsibility as big clubs is to respond to its needs.

The Super League arose. What does it like?

The case is clear. Europe’s biggest clubs are actually brutally revolutionizing football. They say “no” to UEFA, they say “enough of the Champions League”. The Super League will play matches in the middle of the week, so it’s L.M.

The league starts in August and there will be two teams of 10 teams. In the group, everyone will do a competition and reconsider. The top three teams will automatically advance to the quarterfinals, while the fourth and fifth place teams will play in the play-offs for the two missing places. Then there will be the knockout stage until the end of May.

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“The opening season should start soon,” write the founding clubs. Now they expect “consultations with UEFA and FIFA to cooperate.”

“The new annual competition will provide greater economic growth and support for European football, which will grow in line with the league’s revenue through long-term commitment to unlimited solidarity payments.

These solidarity payments will be significantly higher than those created by current European competitions and are expected to exceed 10 10 billion during the clubs’ initial tenure. In addition, the games will be based on a solid financial base and will be signed by all corporate clubs under the Expenditure Act. In return for their commitment, the founding clubs will receive 3.5 3.5 billion only to support their infrastructure investment plans and mitigate the effects of the Govt epidemic. “

Juventus President and Super League Vice President Andrea Agnelli says the 12 founding clubs have won a total of 99 trophies, representing billions of fans. In his opinion, today is an important moment for us to change the competition in Europe.

The Super League will have a huge advantage. “This is a scam!”

However, many do not want this change. This plan has already been criticized by others British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – read more here. French President Emmanuel Macron has said that creating a super league would threaten unity and sporting competition.

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On Sunday, before the Super League became a reality, UEFA released a special statement in consultation with Premier League, La Liga and Serie A officials, along with FIFA, the national federations of England, Spain and Italy. The decision of the authorities will be firm and tough. Founding clubs may be excluded from all previous competitions in which they participate – including national clubs.

There are also many criticisms denouncing new creative voices. The strongest words so far are Gary Neville, former England international and Manchester United legend.

– I’m totally disgusted. This is a crime. This is a crime against football fans in this country. We will deduct their points, collect their money and punish them. There is not a single angry fan in this country who listens to these plans and announcements. This is a denial of your own club.

The date on which the formation of the Super League was announced was not accidental. On Monday, the UEFA was to announce plans for the new format of the Champions League.