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Bayern Munich – Nagelsmann reveals: The Bayern star once played an unimaginable position today

Julian Nagelsmann at Bayern Munich’s press conference.

© FC Bayern screenshot / Facebook

Bayern Munich: Julian Nagelsmann and Serge Gnabry pose at a press conference before the Champions League match against Kiev. We live there.

  • Bayern Munich hosts Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League on Wednesday evening.
  • Julian Nagelsmann reveals a secret about one of his PK players, whom he has known for a long time (See update from 1:58pm)
  • You can read the press conference here in the tape.

+++ UPDATE +++

2:09 pm: That’s it! The press conference is over. As always, Julian Nagelsmann talked a lot and loved – but then some interesting things came up.

2:08 pm: The coach on the upcoming international break: “In the last international break we had a few injured players, but you also have to see: the national coach also wants his best players on the field because he also has to win games. The players are in good health. If we want to see quality football, we have to give the players breaks.”

2:05 pm: Nagelsmann was asked again about Serge Gnabry. I no longer consciously talk to him now. I’ve known him for a long time. He’s a player who needs to be free, and he shouldn’t think too much about what he’s doing. He was allowed to make a mistake in the game. He’s a natural footballer, he’s even better when he has confidence in his body. Regardless of the situation.”

2:03 PM: Nagelsmann explains why he is so passionate about football: “I have done everything to become a professional footballer. I still love playing. I think it is very important to be passionate about what you are doing. The deodorant seller should also use deodorant from time to time.”

2:01 pm: Will Joshua Kimmish be saved? “He’s an endurance runner. We’ll see how the match goes,” says Nagelsmann.

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1:58 pm: Nagelsmann with interesting details about Niklas Süle. “I have a certain relationship with him, and I have known him since my youth. I know where its potential and where its creation sites are. He is an outstanding football player, in Eintracht Frankfurt he was a coach of ten. My coaching team and I pulled him back. With him either the hops and barley are lost, or he plays So well that you don’t have to talk to him anymore.”

1.56 pm: Bayern Munich is full again. “The whole team is of course important. There is motivation in the training, as well as from the competitors.”

1.54 m: Nagelsmann swerved a bit when he was kicking during training. “My ankles are solid, everything is fine.” Coach Kingsley Coman: “He’s fine. He’s cheerful and happy that he can get back on the field. It’s not a problem for tomorrow because we decided to train him first. You have to be careful with him so he doesn’t get any muscle injuries.”

1:51 pm: How does the coach prepare for Kiev? “We showed the team some scenes. They are the favorites in most matches in their league and they have a young team. Benfica has a very compact position, but he fails to score. Two tips always defend with.”

1:48 pm: Nagelsmann about Gnabry: “He’s a fast-build guy who always has a few illnesses. He wasn’t always used to playing every game in his career. We have to be careful about that. It’s a matter of physical constitution. It’s very important to us, and he always creates a good mood. He has a good personality. But he is also very important in terms of football and he has great end quality with both feet.”

1:47 pm: The coach on Alphonso Davies: “He always plays in different positions. We are flexible there. I don’t try to get myself stuck there.”

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1:46 p.m.: Nagelsmann is over there.

1:42 pm: That’s it from Gnabry. Coach Julian Nagelsmann arrives at any moment.

1:41 pm: Gnabry on his career so far: “Before I moved to Bayern Munich, my goal was for it to be what it is now. I also wanted to play an important role in the national team.”

1.40 pm: “You’ve done very well here over the past few years. It’s always a pleasure to go into training because you get along well with the players. This can make a huge difference in important games,” Gnabry says.

1:38 pm: Gnabry about Nagelsmann: “He’s a very emotional person. We all know we don’t always have to take it personally when he’s afraid.”

1:37 pm: Gnabry stacks are deep. “Favorite to win a CL race? This is the first time I’m hearing that. There are a lot of good teams this year. We have a great atmosphere in the team and we are very hungry for success. We want to win the Champions League and have a team that we can do that with.”

1.35 m: “We have a big team and a lot of matches. You can’t play every game. It’s normal to move from one player to another. And how does Dynamo Kiev play? They are a very strong team, and we have to be ready for that.”

1:34 pm: Gnabry on Musiala: I think the English rigor helped him really well. The time I spent in England was also very important to my strength.”

1:34 pm: Having the flu no longer plays a role in Gnabry. “I’m better off,” he says.

1:33 pm: How does Nagelsmann make sure you stay focused? “We always set ourselves new goals. Fun to play, self-confidence, that’s what we try to maintain,” Gnabry says.

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here we are! Serge Gnabry sits next to press spokesman Dieter Nichols.

Update from September 28 at 1:19 p.m.: Nagelsmann, Gnabry, Champions League, Kiev: These are the key words of today’s press conference at Säbener Straße. It starts in a few minutes. You can read all the important data here. Keep moving forward!

First report from September 28: MUNICH – Julian Nagelsmann can take a deep breath: FC Bayern *fills up, the options are more numerous. Prior to the Champions League match against Dynamo Kiev, Kingsley Coman* took part in team training for the first time after undergoing heart surgery. Only Sven Ulrich and Corentin Tolisso are missing.

For Wednesday’s return leg, Koeman may not be an option. The last patients of Serge Gnabry and Jamal Mosiala appear to be 100 per cent back and are favorites for the eleventh game that begins on Wednesday. At the press conference, Nagelsmann will likely indicate how much he has rotated against Kiev.

FC Bayern: PK with Julian Nagelsmann and Serge Gnabry in the live broadcast

Since the last game against Forth was last Friday, there was a four-day break for the players – which is why the coach could also send the full squad to the race. After a superior 3-0 win over Barcelona, ​​the next win against the Ukrainians should follow.

But the opponent has a lot of self-confidence: Dynamo Kiev is still unbeaten in the tournament and the Champions League this season. Coach Mircea Lucescu’s team challenged Benfica to a draw in the first round of the First Division. It remains to be seen if the Ukrainian champions can truly endanger Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena.

Will Nagelsmann give his reservists a chance? He publicly counted one of them. (epp) * is a display of IPPEN.MEDIA