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Be proud of your Swedish pork at Christmas – Nuran

Be proud of your Swedish pork at Christmas – Nuran

Before you set the Christmas table, think about where the food comes from.

For example, there is every reason to choose Swedish ham for Christmas at the grocery store.

Partly because Swedish agriculture is world-class, with a level of ambition and a regulatory framework incompatible with imported goods. Partly because we have a pioneering animal welfare system which means we don’t have to use antibiotics in our animal husbandry.

Plus, you help preserve our countryside, where breaths and grunts are an essential part of commercial life that makes villages and communities stand solid.

Swedish pigs have a better life than many other pigs. They must have hay so that they can roost, and they are given the opportunity, according to their natural instinct, to make the bed with the litter before sedating.

Our pigs are not static. In other countries, pigs stay in between the nets for nearly half of their lives. Stressed pigs begin to bite each other in the tail. This causes tails to be cut off in Europe. Swedish pigs keep roaring.

By climatically intelligently adapting pig feed, the impact of the climate is reduced. It is now nearly 20 percent less than it was fifteen years ago.

Despite the high demand for quality feed, the climatic footprint is now lower than the European average, and is lower than in both Denmark and Finland.

As consumers, we can contribute to a vibrant Swedish countryside and support climate-smart agriculture on a global scale.

There should be no Swedish Christmas ham on the table this year.

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