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FM Truss takes charge of Brexit issues | GP

The announcement comes the day after it was announced that Brexit Secretary David Frost, who was previously responsible for the complex issue of the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol, had submitted his resignation.

“Truss takes ministerial responsibility for Britain’s relationship with the European Union with immediate effect,” Johnson’s office said in a statement.

She would lead the ongoing negotiations to resolve the problems that had arisen in connection with the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Truss took over as Secretary of State in September of this year and is popular with conservative voters. Previously, she was the Commerce Secretary in Johnson’s government.

When the referendum on leaving the European Union took place in 2016, she belonged to the battalions that wanted the British to stay in the union. At present, however, she claims to be a supporter of Britain’s exit from the European Union.

The British officially left the European Union earlier this year. But the UK and EU remain embroiled in complex trade-related talks – not least the Northern Ireland Protocol, which deals with border issues for the only British part of the country that has a land border with an EU country, such as Ireland.

David Frost left office because he was “disappointed with the direction taken by the British government”, including on tax matters.

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