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Bear safari in Romerike in Norway: “the stupidest thing”

The bear attracts a lot of attention in the Norwegian Roman Empire.

But now the authorities are tired of safaris.

Hunting for bears is one of the dumbest things you can do, says Wildlife Director Kjell Bakken VG.

Last week, Norwegian media reported a bear sighting in various places in Romerike, north of Oslo.

The bear has received a lot of attention and has led to many people coming out to catch a glimpse of it.

Last night, 20 cars were searching, according to wildlife director Kjell Bakken. “Stupid decision,” he says.

worst fear

– The bear took some hives, so we had to come closer to scare him off. Rumors about the bear spread quickly and there was a lot of crowding, he says and continues:

– We have to put an end to it. There was a queue. Hunting for bears is one of the dumbest things you can do.

His worst fear is for the bear to get used to people and traffic. Something that can cause you to start living next to residential areas.

– We don’t want a situation with the so-called garbage bears. Then we have a problem. We have to tell people to stay away.

famous bear.
famous bear.

Horror scenario

Another scary scenario would be if the bear started attacking the livestock, according to Bakken.

But so far, it has only succumbed to hives, ants, and hedgehogs.

The wildlife manager also mentions that the bear is a large predator that can attack people.

– If he eats and people go to him, then a person can be considered a food competitor. Fortunately, this did not happen. It was very quiet, and a lot of people had seen it in the past few days.

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