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Tram derailed at |  GP

Tram derailed at | GP

Just before 12 noon, the tram came to a complete stop at Valand Peak when it derailed. The tram came by car from Götaplatsen and turned left towards Vasaplatsen. There is a stop at Valand station. According to the information from the people on the spot, there is a training car on the tram.

– It’s a bit unclear. The only thing we know now is that it derailed, says Västtrafik’s disruption coordinator.

The derailment had major effects on public transportation. Lines 3, 7 and 10 have been withdrawn between Kungsportsplatsen and Valand, while line 4 has been withdrawn between Brunnsparken and Berzeliigatan. Line 5 between Solrosgatan and Lilla Bommen is not running.

The new model M33 derailed

According to Robert Lindberg, press officer for Gothenburg Tram, it is entirely possible for a tram to make a detour even if it is not part of any tram route.

– There is a detour you can do to redirect. But I don’t know why it derailed. It’s a training vehicle, but it’s those of us experienced drivers who train on the M33, he says at 12.45 and continues:

– Now we’re going to save it from the start and then we’re going to investigate why. We use heavy cranes for this, and if everything works as it should, it will take an hour. But nothing is set in stone.

At 1:55 pm the station was cleared and traffic was back as normal.

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