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Sanna Marin’s divorce is receiving worldwide attention

The news is that Sana Marin And Markus Raikkonen Divorce has not only attracted a lot of attention in Finland. Many major news media outlets around the world are paying attention to the outgoing prime minister’s divorce.

In Sweden, the news is picked up by, among others, Aftonbladet and Expressen. Even Reuters – one of the largest news agencies in the world – reports the news just an hour after Marin and Raikkonen announced that they had separated.

Foreign media choose to focus on different things in relation to the news. Many talk briefly about the divorce, but the British Daily Mail chose to highlight Marin’s party. At 8 p.m. Wednesday, the headline “Prime Minister’s Party for Divorce” graces the newspaper’s website.

This is how the British Daily Mail wrote about Sana Marin’s divorce.

American CNN chose to highlight it Marin’s political career. They write about how 20 years ago she entered politics, and then became the youngest prime minister in the world at 34 years old.

German newspaper Bild also highlights the news. So do the media in Australia, Argentina, Canada, etc.

Marin became known around the world during his tenure as Prime Minister. A few weeks ago, HBO announced that it would release a documentary series about the time of the Marin government, and above all about the so-called quintet (Five women led the ruling parties).

The quintet is Anna Maja Henrikson (SFP), Anika Sariko (C), Sanna Marin (SDP), Maria Oisalo (Grona) and Lee Anderson (VF).

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After the parliamentary elections in April, Marín announced that she would not continue as SDP chairwoman.