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Beer, the main agricultural and industrial export product in Mexico

Beer, the main agricultural and industrial export product in Mexico

Mexico ranks 31st in the world as a producer of the barley grain used for brewing beer.

In the first five months of the year, beer ranked first in the country’s agricultural and agricultural exports, adding $2.25 billion, which translates to 30.3 percent growth over the same period in 2020 ($1,701 million), the Department of Agriculture said. . and rural development.

He noted that in 2020, the total foreign sales of this drink amounted to four thousand and 685 million dollars, according to the figures of the Bank of Mexico. The main importer of Mexican beer is the United States, as well as Australia, Canada, Chile, Guatemala, and the United Kingdom.

The federal agency highlighted that Mexico ranks 31st globally as a producer of barley grains used in brewing beer, which is equivalent to 0.6 percent of global production.

He emphasized that Guanajuato ranked first in barley production in 2020 with 32.5 percent of the national total, followed by Hidalgo with 25.5 percent and Puebla with 12.4 percent.

He noted that in the period from October to December, more than half of the annual production of these grains was achieved. While its participation in the national grain production is 2.7 percent.

The Secretariat highlighted that the national brewing activity affects a whole chain of workers, from farmers and transport workers to points of sale, restaurants, leisure and entertainment centers.

Beer is a non-distilled, bitter-tasting alcoholic drink made from barley grains, and has existed since ancient Mesopotamia in Africa, the Far East and America. Each city made the drink based on the most abundant grains: rice in China and Japan, corn in America and barley in Mesopotamia.

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It is perhaps the oldest drink of our ancestors, as well as the first alcoholic drink in history, which over the years has expanded its patterns and diversified its flavors without modifying the basic ingredients for its preparation: water, barley, hops and yeast.