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Best 2 Ways to Block Apps Accessing the Internet on Android

Best 2 Ways to Block Apps Accessing the Internet on Android

With the huge amount of data stored on smartphones in recent times, there is a growing concern about user privacy. Some apps are looking for permissions that may not seem necessary to work, while others may request network access. If you are using an app to store important or sensitive data, it is best to prevent the app from accessing the internet.

This is to ensure that app data remains offline on your device at all times and is not uploaded to a remote server. Sometimes it also makes sense to block certain apps and games from accessing the internet to prevent them from showing ads. Fortunately, it is very easy to do on your Android phone.

Why should I prevent apps from accessing the Internet?

You can use an application to store important documents such as your ID cards. The data in this app is sensitive and you don’t want it to leave your device. Blocking the app’s internet access will ensure that the app cannot upload your data to any other website over the internet.

Block internet access on android

Another use case could be uninterrupted play. Some games do not require internet access to play, but they do show you online ads between game sessions. This may be annoying for some time. Blocking internet access may mean that the game can no longer display ads.

How to block internet access for apps on Android

There are two ways to restrict apps access to the internet on your Android phone. Depending on your phone, you can try either method.

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1. Use the built-in settings to block internet access

Some custom skins on Android have a built-in option to disable internet access for apps. This is how you can access it.

Basso 1: Open the Settings app on your phone and scroll down to find the Apps option. play it

Internet blocking settings for the app

Basso 2: Select Manage Application.

applied management

Basu 3: Find the application you want to block access to the Internet. play it

Blocking access to the Internet

Stage 4: Now, select the Data usage option.

data usage

Basso 5: You will find two keys here. Turn it on depending on whether you want to block internet access completely or via Wi-Fi or mobile data only. You can also choose to disable background data only.

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Block internet access for apps

The app will no longer be able to access an internet connection on your phone.

While this is the best way to block internet access for apps, this option is not present on all Android phones and versions. So the next best solution is to use a third party app that works globally on all phones.

2. Use the NetGuard app

NetGuard is a free app that you can download from the Play Store. It helps you to block internet access for apps on your phone. This is how you can do it.

Basso 1: Go to the Play Store on your phone and install the NetGuard app.

Netguard to prevent access to the Internet

Basso 2: Open the app once installed and select OK.

Network protection screen

Basu 3: All the apps installed on your phone will be listed in the app.

Stage 4: You will see two green icons next to each app. The first icon indicates Wi-Fi and the second icon indicates mobile data.

Blocking access to the Internet

Basso 5: Click on their respective icons next to the app you want to disable internet access to. If you want to completely disable Internet access, click on both icons.

disable internet

Basso 6: The icons will now turn red.

Internet red icons disabled

Basso 7: Press the switch in the upper left corner to enable NetGuard and block Internet access for the selected application.

Enable network protection

Basso 8: Select Accept in the notification. NetGuard basically works like a VPN to block certain apps from accessing the internet. Therefore, you will need to add NetGuard to the VPN list on your phone.

accept option

Basso 9: You will now see a connection prompt telling you that NetGuard is trying to set up a VPN connection. Click OK.

set netguard as vpn

Basso 10: Now another message will appear asking you to disable battery optimization. This step is optional, but will ensure that NetGuard remains active at all times. Select OK.

Battery optimization

Basso 11: On the screen that opens, tap Not optimized and toggle it to All apps.

Basso 12: Scroll until you find NetGuard in the list of applications. play it

Network security settings

Basso 13: Select Don’t Optimize, then tap Done.

no improvement

Basso 14: Use the back button in the upper left corner to return to NetGuard.

back button

Now you will see that NetGuard is active and that the selected application does not have access to the Internet. You can verify that NetGuard is active by looking for the key icon in the notification center that indicates that the VPN is active.

Block internet access and keep your data safe

Use either of the two methods and prevent apps from accessing the internet on your Android phone. These methods ensure that your data stays on your device until you consciously want to transfer it.

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