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Beta Dyskiewicz's funny pension.  Just play - o2

Beta Dyskiewicz’s funny pension. Just play – o2

When I read the comments, I get the impression that people do not understand what a contract and a specific job contract are. These are agreements that do not cover the cost of social security contributions, health or disability pension contributions. This is an issue of the nature of the contract. Polish law does not allow a person to pay the same as ZUS, so it is necessary to start a business, but it does not include art contracts. Hence the higher revenue of artists and “celebrities”. This is compensation for the lack of contributions. It was a symbolic change that really only affected artists. The solution was to set up an association or casting company that would look after the hiring of the cast under the order or employment contract, and unfortunately, such an approach already existed and did not work properly because the contract was negotiated, which, for legal reasons, did not include abrupt changes or environmental conditions in the contract. Such changes in the art environment are a natural condition and contractual agreements legally cover such situations. Actors or singers often traveled to different countries to make money by performing or filming new scenes. In principle, contracts or employment contracts do not legally allow such changes, and if they do, they increase the cost of wages, which increases the difference in wages. In this way, artists will earn less than they earned on a particular work contract or contract and will pay the ZUS contribution themselves. It is not profitable as only the Social Insurance Company (ZUS) is profitable. The rules on ZUS (health, disability and pension) contributions should be changed so that artists can make money and pay contributions themselves, but for this to be the case, the government should focus on “junk contracts” that they will not. Of course, such changes must accept internship work with UZ, UOD, B2B and be accepted as a contract-completed work experience, meaning that many poles will suddenly gain years of work experience and qualify for a retirement pension. Some of these conditions may need to be changed from several job reviews to several hundred. This problem is being postponed and is getting more and more serious, while it should have been dealt with during the SLD period. If working time in UZ qualifies for seniority, I would have a job change of 25 at 39: D Yes, dear, some are already working in high school XD, not everyone gets lucky. They can show butt or carved biceps from their parents and on Instagram. Some are just inferior.

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