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Bertus Sarvas did not slow down.  Another deal at Keells!

Bertus Sarvas did not slow down. Another deal at Keells!

Everyone is focused on the European Handball Championship, and President Bertus Sarvas has presented another new player to the Lomsa Viv Keels.

Marcin Górczyński

Volleyball players omża VIVE Kielce

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Fąfara / Photo: omża VIVE Kielce handball players

For now, the head of the Polish champions has only revealed that the contract will be in effect from 2023 and that a foreign player will switch to Keells. – Today I am pleased to announce that we have signed a new player from 2023. There will be official confirmation next weekend. This transfer was made because we believe that this player can reach the highest level even if he is not very young. It’s getting better every day – Bertus Sarvas wrote on Twitter.

This is the second player to go to the Polish champions in 2023. A few weeks ago, Lomsa Viv announced that Egyptian Hassan Kadah had signed the agreement.

Before the 2022/23 season, Keells will receive six new players. Stos Scoop, Nedim Remili and Benoit County will be the leaders of the Polish champions, while the club will include young Swedish Elliott Stenmalm, and will be borrowed by Stephen Dodik and Halil Jagannjok (post-Rain-Necker Lowen).

The struggle of the poles will take place
Frightened favorites of the Czech Republic and Lithuania

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Will Lomsa Viv defend the Poland Championship?

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