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Wild card for Doda?  Fans are demanding a place in the Eurovision 2022 pre-selection!

Wild card for Doda? Fans are demanding a place in the Eurovision 2022 pre-selection!

Author: YouTube / Doda
Doda submits nomination for Eurovision 2022! Can he defeat the will of the match?

The announcement of the candidates to compete in the national qualifying round for Eurovision 2022 took everyone by surprise. Doda was dropped from the list, and as announced the previous day on Instagram, he reported his latest song, Fake Love. Fans of the singer are demanding that he be called the Wild Card.

Did you get a wild card from TVP? This is exactly what all the fans of the singer who did not hide their surprise because of the absence of their idol in the list released by the organizers of this year’s preview for Eurovision 2022. As we have already mentioned, Televiza Bolska decided to hold national qualifying rounds. , And the Polish representative should not be elected domestically as in previous years. Doda is one of the stars who sent their music projects. The singer has shared this electronic message through social media. The singer admitted that she decided to send the application because of her fans who have been forcing her to represent our country in international competition for many years. To everyone’s surprise, the fake love song was not included in the list posted on TVB’s social media.


Is Doda a good idea at Eurovision?

Wild card for Doda? what is this?

Candidates have not been announced by Doda fans who believe they will see the artist on stage on February 19th. The star himself admitted that the application was sent too late, but pointed out that there was still a month for pre-selection. In the comments below the TVP posts, there were several suggestions that Doda should get a wild card. Is it possible?

The situation is unprecedented. On the one hand, the rules of national qualifying competitions provide a deadline for submitting applications, and there is no mention of the wild card in the description of the process of selecting a representative. On the other hand, when the results were changed and the structure of the concert was changed, some of the rules became obsolete and did not apply to the current reality. Let us remember that TVP has surprised us many times in the history of Polish preferences, and decided to give a wild card to the artist under extraordinary circumstances – says Myesko Chernyavsky, editor-in-chief of the website.

Currently, neither Toda nor TVP has commented on the absence of a singer on the candidate list. The concert we are scheduled to meet with the Polish delegation is scheduled for February 19th.

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