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"Between us".  InnerSloth announces a long-awaited update.  When will it be available?  :: Magazine :: RMF FM

“Between us”. InnerSloth announces a long-awaited update. When will it be available? :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Last year, the game “Between Us” gained popularity very quickly and … lost it very quickly. What was behind the loss of the players? What happens to this game after a year? As we can find out, InnerSloth has just announced the long-awaited update to “The Shapeshifter”.

“Between Us” 5 minutes behind him

Game “Between usAlthough it was released more than 3 years ago, it really happened Only in the past year has it gained the most popularity. Production fame Innersloth The fact that she was frequently featured by streamers brought on the Twitch platform. Suddenly a lot of players started playing a multiplayer game with very simple rules and formula, and servers were literally exploding at the seams. Unfortunately: How quickly “Between Us” gained popularity, and soon lost it.

What is the reason for the decline of the players? It turns out that not only because the game is no longer satisfying. This was mainly due to this InnerSloth studio standWhich has been making slow decisions about introducing new updates to its production, which many gamers have been waiting for. A large part of the community was also waiting for a new map,”Airship“It was supposed to come out In early 2021. Finally, it was released Only at the end of the first quarter.

“Between Us” will get a new update!

Unfortunately, InnerSloth studio fans of Crewmates and Impostors are used to waiting so long for bigger game changes and brief information about them. After several months, the developer will finally update his success last year A new version will be released in production, which was called “mutant“. anyway date of publication Not yet delivered, this studio guarantees it It will be announced soon On the occasion of organizing an important event for the players.

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What’s new in The Shapeshifter update? So far, only a significant change has been presented to producers. Scammers will have more opportunity to confuse crew members by… Disguise as the surviving crew members! Impersonators will be visible to others as the player they are posing as. There is only one catchBecause the crew will be able to expose the cheater if he tries to change in front of one of his colleagues.

Will this change encourage you to return to this game?

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