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BIDEN: It is unlikely that the bot was launched from Russia

BIDEN: It is unlikely that the bot was launched from Russia

According to Reuters, the White House said Biden also offered Polish President Andrzej Duda full US support in Poland’s investigation into the incident. In a statement, NATO and the G7 countries also said they were offering their support, after a hastily held meeting between world leaders who are in Bali for the ongoing G20 meeting.

According to diplomatic sources, NATO ambassadors will, at Poland’s request, meet in a meeting to discuss Article 4 – which becomes relevant when a member state is threatened and when other members of the alliance have to work together.

Poland increases military readiness

According to Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the robot must have been manufactured in Russia, and the Russian ambassador was called in to discuss the information. At the same time, President Duda says that they do not yet have any hard evidence about who launched the bot. Nor did they find any indications that the event would repeat itself.

However, the country raises military readiness.

I want to inform that we will increase the combat capability of the units in our country, said Piotr Müller, a spokesman for the Polish government, during a press conference.

It was also decided to expand the scope of monitoring the country’s airspace, according to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Russia denies

The Russian Defense Ministry called the attack on Poland a “deliberate provocation aimed at escalating the situation” and denies that the robot was launched from Russia, Reuters reported. “There were no attacks on the Polish-Ukrainian border with Russian weapons,” the ministry wrote in a statement.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claims the opposite and describes it as a “major escalation” of the conflict.

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– This is a Russian bot attack on our common security. This is a huge escalation. We must act, he said in a statement late Tuesday evening, without being able to provide any evidence that Russia was behind the attack.

US government sources told the AP that there is information indicating that the bot should have been launched by Ukraine instead, to shoot down a Russian bot.

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