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Biden’s budget success in Congress

Biden’s budget success in Congress

Democrats, who have a majority in the House of Representatives, were divided over issues of content and influence in the government’s budget proposal.

Biden is proposing investments of nearly $5,000 billion – that’s just over 43,000 billion kroner. That amount includes its $1,200 billion infrastructure package, as well as $3,500 billion in investments over ten years that will go to, among other things, education, health, medical care and environmental initiatives.

The infrastructure package has already been adopted in the Senate, where some Republicans have voted with Democrats. Now it remains to agree on the details of the larger $3.5 trillion package and then get the final budget in both houses, where Democrats have a very narrow majority.

Both procedural issues and debates over the content of the initiatives have threatened to block the sweeping motions in the House of Representatives, as different brigades within Democrats oppose each other.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, hopes that negotiations will be completed by September 15 and that details of the larger $3.5 trillion package will be announced at that time. A decisive vote in the Senate and House of Representatives on this package is not expected until later this fall.

The $1,200 billion infrastructure package will be presented for a critical vote in the House of Representatives on September 27, according to Pelosi’s plan.

“I pledge to gather support from House Democrats until it passes,” Pelosi said.