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Bira: I did not consider resigning as Minister of Finance

Still boiling for the Minister of Finance Riga rumbling (True) a racist scandal. During a press conference in Brussels on Friday afternoon, she received many questions from the media.

– We will ensure that Finland remains a good, democratic country that respects human rights and so on. She says, we will continue discussion from here.

Bora on Wednesday apologized for his racist texts at a joint press conference with the prime minister Petrie Orbo (Collecting). But then she tweeted Thursday, “As expected, eyes are now on candid and outspoken rhetoric, criticism of immigration and political actions.”

According to Bora, even criticism of women’s oppression is “ugly”, and she suggests that real Finns will continue the line mandated by the party, as long as “this” lasts.

In the ranks of the ruling SFP party, people questioned the sincerity of the apology. The party’s parliamentary bloc met on Friday evening.

in blog posts In 2019, she described women in veils and full-covering clothing as “black bags”, which “you only know as people because they drag children after them”.

During Friday’s press conference, she did not apologize for the blog post, but did point out the fact that she reserves the right to Western equality and women’s rights.

You mentioned that the individual words you used are not related.

We can’t begin to apologize for our political agenda and criticism of immigration. I will not apologize for criticizing practices in Islam where women are oppressed.

“nothing to say”

Opposition parties are calling on the Riksdag to cancel its summer recess and hold a plenary session so that a vote of confidence can be arranged in Bora.

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SFP has not yet taken a position on the issue of the vote of confidence.

– If the government parties do not trust the president of the second largest party, the other ministers, or our general political line that we follow in the government, then it is clear that the government has no chance of action, Bora says during the press conference on Friday.

During the NATO summit in Vilnius this week, the foreign minister prayed Elena Faltonin (Saml) apologizes for writing Purra about “Turkish Monkeys” on a party mate and speaker. Josie Sweet-garlic blog before. He apologized to the Turkish Foreign Minister.

– Perhaps it was the decision of Foreign Minister Valtonen himself. Bora says, I have nothing to say about this.

“He can create lists about anything.”

A protest list of about 86,000 signatures calling for Piura’s resignation.

– I did not consider resigning from the post of Minister of Finance. You can create protest lists about anything, she says.

Bora says she has never received so many messages of encouragement from citizens.