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Bjorn Wiemann: Nine words pointing to two paths to the future

Finally, the president sat down in the courtroom.

The look, as usual, is malicious and arrogant. But still against his will on the defendant’s seat. On his way, Bab is knocked down in his face by one of the court guards. Everyone is equal before the law.

New Yorker reporter in courtroom reports it Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, said a total of nine words during his hour in court: “Yes”, “Thank you”, “I do”, “Yes”, “Yes”. and “not guilty”.

Nine words that can indicate two different paths to the future.

Either strengthens the claim The collective feeling that still exists in the United States. Along this path, Trump will surely crush other Republican presidential candidates, but then Joe Biden will crush him even harder in the final election. It is worth remembering that Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election by more than seven million votes – and that was it before attempted violent coup.

Or this indictment will be another start on the road to the ultimate collapse of American democracy, where citizens are now routinely called “supporters” of one politician or another.

lasting impression However, it foreshadows the disappointing effect that presence in court has on even individuals who have previously proven capable of letting go of almost all other restraints.

In the courtroom, everyone has returned to their human dimensions. When – a New Yorker reporter asks, for example – was the last time Donald Trump sat in an hour-long meeting and said only nine words?

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