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China warns the United States: “threatens peace in the region”

China warns the United States: “threatens peace in the region”

– Out of self-interest, the United States maintains its zero-sum thinking and continues to strengthen its military presence in the region, says Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning.

The Philippines announced on Monday that the United States will gain access to four new military bases around the island nation. The announcement is part of an agreement already struck in 2014 between longtime close allies Washington and Manila.

Beijing claims that the increased US presence will inevitably lead to an increase in military tension in the immediate region. One of the four bases is located in northern Cagayan province, just about 40 miles from Taiwan. Another place is located on Palapac Island near the South China Sea.

On the other hand, China is expressing its dissatisfaction with the expected meeting on Wednesday between Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and Republican US House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy in Los Angeles. Beijing regards Taiwan as part of mainland China and views any contact between the US and Taiwan as a challenge and provocation.

Beijing repeatedly threatened countermeasures if Tsai and McCarthy met. The planned meeting takes place during Tsai’s layover after state visits to Belize and Guatemala, Taiwan’s two remaining allies in Central America.

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