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Bloober Team and Silent Hill - Brand fans are not happy

Bloober Team and Silent Hill – Brand fans are not happy

July 1, 2021, 12:37

The internet reacted lively to yesterday’s announcement of the collaboration between Team Bloober and Konami. Fans of the Silent Hill series, the new part of which is likely to be entrusted to the Polish studio, have mixed feelings.

Yesterday we reported the signing of a cooperation agreement between Polish studio Bloober Team and Konami Digital Entertainment. With a high degree of probability, we can assume that Polish developers will be entrusted with work on the new version of the Silent Hill series. After all, the Bloober Team has experience in horror films: they’ve shot titles like The Medium, Blair Witch, Observer or Layers of Fear dilogue. However, the experience of developers from Krakow does not seem to convince the masses quiet hillAnd the Who doubt the studio’s ability to bear the burden of continuing the cult series.

You praise others…

One does not have to look away from such comments. In the discussion under an article on about Bloober Team and Konami, many forum users expressed their concerns:

I played in it LoF I NB. I no longer feel like playing other titles in this studio. In my opinion, there is no chance that they will come close to what Japanese horror studios create. As with the movies, I think they are unparalleled in the genre. But I wish Bloober good luck – writes Jane?? s.

A Persecuted user spoke more bluntly about Studio Krakow:

The folks on the Bloober Team are skilled at creating tons of little interactive 3D models and nothing else. And is it possible to write a “horror specialist” about a studio that has not yet created a single scary game? The horror should scare you either with the atmosphere or the gameplay mechanics (the player is always balanced on the edges, because there are a lot of opponents, few resources and you have to deal with quality). Unfortunately, there is neither one nor the other in their games.

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…you don’t know you

Twitter is also full of various comments about the capabilities Silent suit Created by Bloober Team. There are also attempts to defend the Polish studio:

the silent Hill It’s a game that a lot of people have set expectations about: a lot of people wanted it to be done a certain way on a certain platform, and now people do stupid things.

Don’t blame Bloober for creating the game, give them a chance.

I feel sorry for Bloober. They’re getting a heavy whip right now, and it doesn’t have to be an easy feeling. What are some examples of studios that produced mediocre games and then produced what? A wonderful?

Non-Game Example: This is what the screenwriter wrote Chernobyl Prior to his work in this series.

Of course, the comments that appeared in the forum can not be ignored reddit. In this case, we are also dealing with quite dissatisfied fans of the series:

It’s not that I don’t like Bloober (Foreman I like it very much, although it made me dizzy at times), but I would be very disappointed if they were responsible for the restart Silent suit One user writes.

But some have given the Polish studio a chance, claiming that the series hasn’t been so easy in recent years, so it couldn’t be worse anymore??

From what I understand it is possible that they do a smaller match while another team is doing a bigger match.

Honestly, a privilege u It’s not in the best shape anyway, so they won’t spoil it. The center was pretty decent, with some great visuals, art design, and atmosphere. Overall, it looked more like training before starting work u. Assuming I didn’t know the address, could you?? Take some screenshots of this game and show it to me saying it’s new the silent HillI tend to believe it.

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The sad truth is that there aren’t many successful indie horror game developers these days so they don’t have a lot of options and can they hire someone? Much better for the job. Especially when you want to sell your game to a larger audience and Bloober is good at graphics. I’m not an optimist, but I don’t know why we don’t give them a chance.

Finally, we leave the financial aspect to the contract signing between Bloober Team and Konami. well You did not react to the great advertisement with noiseضAlthough it may seem that cooperation with such a large company will have a positive effect on the course. Currently, Bloober Team SA bidding remains at a steady level. Investors seem to prefer to wait for the situation to develop.

Players will also be waiting for more information. Let’s remember that it has not yet been announced which game the Polish studio will work on under the wings of the Japanese giant. Although the course the silent Hill This is a really high rack, let’s hope the Bloober team will handle the job.