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BMW theater screen with Amazon Fire TV: Tesla fans are jealous

BMW theater screen with Amazon Fire TV: Tesla fans are jealous


Tesla has a theater mode, BMW has a theater screen in conjunction with My Mode Theatre. At CES in Las Vegas, the go-ahead will be given to a stunning 31-inch cinema.

Its centerpiece is a 31-inch rotatable screen. Content is provided by an integrated Fire TV. (Source: BMW)

  • BMW is working with Amazon to integrate FireTV into vehicles.
  • At CES, the automaker showcases the theater screen, which, along with the My Mode Theater, promises an amazing experience.
  • Passengers in the back can enjoy 8K movies on the car’s 31-inch screen.

At CES in Las Vegas, BMW is showing off a new form of in-car entertainment. Thanks to an Amazon Fire TV (the stick doesn’t have to be plugged into a USB port, by the way) and a 31-inch screen, the car becomes an 8K cinema. With the push of a button, the so-called My Mode Theater regulates an interaction between the 32-inch retractable screen, vehicle dimming and mood lighting.

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The heart of this particular form of driving cinema is a 31 inch smart TV in 32:9 format that extends out of the title via a mechanism. The lowering of the screen is accompanied by an audio composed specifically for the occasion by Hans Zimmer.

It is operated using controls built into the doors or by touch directly on the screen. Depending on the content, the resolution can be up to 8K. 4K content is primarily streamed over Amazon’s integrated Fire TV via 5G Radio. It is also possible to play the photo or music collection.

BMW wants to integrate the cinema experience into the brand’s future models. The manufacturer has not set a time frame yet. Other car manufacturers are also increasingly focusing on improving interior comfort. The American manufacturer Tesla has its own theatrical costumes. More recently, Tesla has made a name for itself by laying lanes and reducing indoor noise via ANC. You can read more news from CES at this point on Netzwelt.

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