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Bronze picture finished! Swimmer Willbrook wins next World Cup medal

Five world championships and five medals started. For Florian Willbrook, the festival continues at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest. The man from Magdeburg set a historic record with the bronze in the open water over 10km. 40 years ago, Michael Gross won five medals at the World Swimming Championships in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Wellbrock has now broken the “Albatross” record with the exact same set of medals: two gold, one silver, and two bronze.

Wellbrock wins bronze at 10km

At this year’s World Championships, the man from Mageburg won the gold for the five-kilometre and 4×1.5 kilometer open water, the silver in the 800-meter freestyle and the bronze in the 1,500-meter freestyle in the pool and the 10-kilometre in the open water.

In his demo, Willbrook started as a favorite big champion and defender, but eventually had to admit defeat to Italians Gregorio Paltrinieri and Domenico Aserenza in 1:51:11.20 hours despite a long reigning sovereign. In the final race, he took the bronze medal before the French Marc-Antoine Olivier. Niklas Frish ranked seventh.

“The feeling is very contradictory. It’s the second title I haven’t been able to defend, but I am still very happy with the bronze,” Willbrook said after the race. “To keep up it feels good to start today, which is why I am more than satisfied with the bronze.”