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Brown | Baker Mayfield will not be able to face the Raiders

(Cleveland) Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield did not receive COVID-19 test results in time to be allowed to return to play Monday night. Thus, it is Nick Mullins, the third quarter of the line-up, who will start the important game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Tom Weathers
News agency

Brown had hoped that the NFL’s decision to postpone the game from Saturday to Monday would allow players with a positive diagnosis to return. But Mayfield didn’t get the negative test needed to get back into his place.

Mayfield has missed only one game this season, despite various injuries. He will now have to take a vacation as Brown (7-6) tries to stay in the tight race on the extension berth. A victory over the Raiders would put the Browns at the top of the Northern Division of the American League.

Mayfield wrote an Instagram post on Sunday saying he had no symptoms and “calling for a negative COVID test.”

Browns’ side were mired in a slew of positive tests last week, when coach Kevin Stefanski, Mayfield, reserve Kees Keenum and at least 11 starters were put on the COVID-19 roster.

Stefanski remains on the sidelines with two assistant coaches.

The Browns teamed up with powerful right-hand guard White Teller on Sunday – he was one of three starters on the COVID roster – and safety back Jon Johnson third left the roster and will help Brawn’s third team.

Mullins will make his first start since last season with a score of 49 .R from San Francisco.

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