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Bug fixes coming soon: Updating to iPadOS 15.5 is causing loading issues

Bug fixes coming soon: Updating to iPadOS 15.5 is causing loading issues

After Apple rolled out the iPadOS 15.5 update, some users are unable to charge their devices. The iPad Mini 6 should stop charging in some cases or not start at all. The manufacturer should fix the bug in the next update.

Although the error does not appear in all iPad Mini 6 owners, the current iPadOS 15.5 version must contain a serious bug. Since the update, some users can no longer charge their tablets with regular power sources. This is evident from the many entries in Support Forum from the manufacturer. A full factory reset should only help for a few days. Then loading problems should occur again. Since the release of iPadOS 15.5 in May, downgrading to iPadOS 15.4.1 is no longer possible.

Devices should not be replaced

It is said that Apple is already aware of the problem, so it can be assumed that the manufacturer is currently working on a solution. annoying Mac rumors The group started notifying authorized service providers of the error. There is currently no error fix available. Since this is not a hardware issue but a software bug, the affected hardware should not be replaced. The company recommends a restart first.

In some cases, a restart should ensure that the problem does not occur temporarily. However, the error seems to return after that. Apple should fix the upload error with the update to iPadOS 15.6. After the fifth beta was released recently, the final version is supposed to appear in the coming weeks.

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