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Buy skrk and support the developer.  Riot Games is testing a new feature called Sports

Buy skrk and support the developer. Riot Games is testing a new feature called Sports

Support your favorite game creators by purchasing an in-game item? This is a solution that was introduced in Fortnite several months ago. Now, the creators of League of Legends, Riot Games, decide to run its tests.

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product relationship

Beginning Wednesday, July 13, tests for the new functionality, Product Binding, began. It consists in creating a link to the League of Legends online store, which, when clicked, will allow viewers of a particular creator, streaming device or YouTuber to purchase the indicated threads. Part of the profit will go directly to the partner who will share the link.

A similar solution works, for example, in Fortnite. There, before making a purchase, the player can enter the so-called creator code, which is assigned to the selected creator account. At a time when the game was the most popular since Epic, transactions could have brought in profits of tens of thousands of zlotys.

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PKI what only tests

The feature will almost certainly be available worldwide, however, during the testing phase, it is only limited to a few regions. Riot Games Pay What You Pay In North America and Brazil Germany and Italy. Selected creators and esports organizations will be entered into the auditions.

Interestingly, the tests will also be limited to one series of skrek – Star Guardian. The premiere of new skins from this series will take place soon. At this point, they’re available for Jinx, Lulu, and Ahri, among others.

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