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BVB: After the criticism – Coach Rose went to Hamann, a Sky expert

Bundesliga Angry BVB boss

After the match, Rose goes to Hamann, a Sky expert

When Marco Rose is supposed to analyze Dortmund’s tough mandatory win, coach Dortmund’s counter-attacks are live on TV. He was alarmed by the criticism of Dietmar Hamann, a Sky expert. When the reporter tries to appease Rose, Rose really starts.

BUrussia Dortmund coach Marco Rose and expert Didi Hamann won’t be best friends anytime soon. “I have a different opinion of Didi Hamann and say: Didi Hamann nails,” Rose purrs after the 3-0 win. Bundesliga Against Greuther Fürth at the bottom of the “Sky” TV channel.

What happened? Hamann analyzed Dortmund’s Labor win in the studio and said: “You have 12:8 shots on goal against the relegation candidate, and that’s not enough for me.” Rose heard this before meeting him and gave way to his dismay. Correspondent Patrick Wasserzer responded to the Dortmund coach’s criticism, saying: “Deddy Hamann does not think, he only gives his opinion.”

However, Rose was annoyed by the former national footballer’s long-term criticism: “It’s hard to stand up every week and shoot us.” . “We have 34 points in the Bundesliga and we have already played some decent matches.”

Marco Rose resisted criticism of BVB after the match


The coach continues: “If we play as we did today, we obviously don’t have a chance. But we must be happy because we are the only ones in the Bundesliga trying to stay with Bayern.”

Rose invites Hamann to Dortmund

When Wasserseeher tried again to calm the situation down a bit, Rose added: “But they have the same employer. But here in Dortmund, some see it as much as I see it. I would invite Didi Hamann here to Dortmund or to my house, and then explain things to him as they are.” .

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Hamann then gave his opinion of things in numbers: “You’ve lost four times in 16 games, and you’ve lost three times in six Champions League matches. That means: you’ve lost seven of your 22 competitive games, and that’s a third of the games, says the expert: “You have to start Playing football better at some point. I think they can play football much better. “If they can’t do a better job, he won’t say so.

Hamann immediately responded to Rose’s offer: “Greetings to Dortmund. I am happy to accept the invitation. I love coming to the stadium when he is working again. Or to his house when he has a good glass of wine,” Hamann said.

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