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Camembert – Everything you need to know about Paris-Camembert Edition 82!

The 2021 release date has been pushed back to 2021 Paris Camembert will unfold. Initially scheduled for April 13, then postponed due to the health situation, will finally argue this Tuesday between Pont Audemer And the Livarot (210 km) on a very hilly track allowing runners to engage in a good fight. title holder, Dorian Goodon He will be a good companion from then on Greg Van AvermaetAnd the Oliver Neesen And the Jeffrey Bouchard It is also part of the choice AG2R Citroën . Team For this sixth round of FDJ France Cup 2021.

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However, the game will not be easy for the Savoyard team as the contestants love it Anthony Delaplace And the Thomas Bodd (Arkéa-Samsic Team), Jean BucklantsAnd the Maurits Lammertink And the Lorenzo Rota (Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert Matériaux), Gianni Vermeersch (Albicin-Phoenix), Victor Lavey And the Pierre Luc Perchon (Covidis), roman cardis (Saint-Michel Hubert 93), Roman Siegel And the Rudy Mollard (Groupama-FDJ), Shawn DeB (Bingoal Pauwels Sauces WB), Valentine Veron And the Lorenzo Manzin (Total Energy Direct Team), Pierre RolandAnd the Jonathan Heffert And the Luca Mozzato (B&B Hotels p/b KTM) or Encore Pierre Barbier And the Edward Michael Grossow (Delco Team).

Entry List

AG2R Citroen Team

1 Godon, Dorian
2 Bouchard, Jeffrey
3 Van Hoeke, Giggs
4 Duval, Julian
5 Nissen, Oliver
6 Van Avermaet, Greg
7 Nyssen, Lawrence

Arkia Samsik Team

11 Delablas, Anthony
12 Bodds, Thomas
13 Ledanoise, Kevin
14 Kabiot, Amauri
15 Rio, Alan
16 Pichon, Laurent
17 newbies, christoph

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Intermarsh and Anti-Jubert materials

21 Backilants, Jan
22 Bellico, Jeremy
23 Delacroix, Theo
24 diffrent, Tom
25 Lamertink, Moritz
26 Rota, Lorenzo
27 Zimmerman, George


31 Antomarchi, Julian
33 Leisure Jordan
35 Dennis, Thomas
36 Levo, Jeremy
37 Urruty, Maxime


41 Vermeersch, Gianni
42 Boobs, Marcel
43 de Vries, Lorenz
44 Tamino, Lionel
45 Van der Poel, David
47 Van Kersbulk, clouds


52 Joseph, Thomas
53 Van Brucegm, Elias
54 Relais, Jacob
55 Waters, Enzo
56 Porter, Maxim
57 sword, rainbow


61 Lafay, Victor
62 okay, Eddie
63 Haas, Nathan
64 Maureen, Emmanuel
65 Perishon, Pierre Luc
66 Vanbelsen, Kenneth
67 Allegert, Pete

Cambodia Cycling Academy

71 Aurignac, Samy
72 san, name
73 Busquette, Pa
74 Lamail, Christopher
75 greenhouses, Lorenzo
76 Shantou, Kim
77 san, namav

93 أو Michel Auber Street

81 Cardes, Roman
82 Shard, Jason
83 Gilonite, Adrian
84 Blair, Baptiste
85 Morelette, Flavian
86 Hurrell, Tony
87 Van Niekerk, Morne


91 Bonnet, William
92 Dilag, Michael
93 Van den Berg, Lars
94 Guglielmi, Simon
95 rye, roman
96 Bethe, Lawrence
97 Mallard, Rudy

Banjul Bowls WB . Sauces

101 DB, Shawn
102 Castrick, Jonas
103 Friends, Quentin
104 Blue, Louis
105 Valley, Boris
106 Mainz, Johan
107 Vandepett, Nathan

Total direct energy of the team

111 Bonifacio, Leonardo
112 Soup, Jeffrey
113 Veron, Valentine
114 Gillard, Marlon
115 Greiler, Fabian
116 master, Florian
117 Manzin, Lorenzo

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Flanders – tracksuits

121 de Pistel, Sander
122 Mertens, Julian
123 Van Bock, Aaron
124 Van Roy, Kenneth
125 Vanhove, Ward
126 Verwalt, Aaron
127 Williams, Thymo

Bed and Breakfast P / B KTM

131 Roland, Pierre
132 Bonamore, Frank
133 Cam, Maxim
134 Firas, Tibo
135 Heffert, Jonathan
136 Morris, Julian
137 Mozzato, Luca

Delco team

141 Barber, Pierre
142 dL Alexander
143 Bradys, Edward
145 Grosso, Edward Michael
146 Trarieux, Julien
147 Le tournament, Mathias


Pont-Audemer – Livarot, 210 km (actual start at 11:05 am, arrival around 4:10 pm)

boarding included

Cote de Chevreville-Tonencourt (59 km): 900m at 7.2%
Côte de la Farinieres (110.5) km: 600m, 7.2%
Côte de la Picquette (112.5 km): 500m, average 6.4%
Bute de Fondite (133 km): 1.2 km, 8.4%
Côte de la Farinieres (142.5 km): 600m, 7.2%
Côte de la Picquette (144.5 km): 500m, average 6.4%
Butte de Fondite (174 km): 1.2 km at 8.4%
Buttes des Fondites (2000.5 km): 1.2 km at 8.4%

French Cup standings (After 5 events out of 16)

1. Benoit Cosnefroy (AG2R Citro Citn Team) 50
2. Conor Swift (Britain, Team Arkéa-Samsic) 50
3. Arnaud Démare (FRA, Groupama-FDJ) 50
4. Elia Viviani (ITA, Cofidis) 50
5. Aurélien Paret-Peintre (FRA, AG2R Citroën Team) 50
6. Thomas Bodd (FRA, Team Arkéa-Samsic) 47
7. Rasmus Teller (NOR, Uno-X Pro Cycling Team) 43
8 – Baptiste Blankart (Belgium Intermarche – Wantte – Gubert Materau) 43
9. Marc Sarro (FRA, AG2R Citroën Team) 43
10. Shawn DB (Bell, Pengual Bowls Sauce WB) 35

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last ten editions

2020: Dorian Godon (FRA, AG2R La Mondiale)
2019: Benoit Cosnefroy (France, AG2R La Mondial).
2018: Lilian Caljane (French Energy Agency, Energy Direct).
2017: Nasser Bouhani (France and Cofidis)
2016: Cyril Gaultier (France, AG2R La Mondial)
2015: Julien Lobe (France, Marseille team 13 km).
2014: Brian Coquard (France, Europcar Team)
2013: Beric Fedrigo (France, FDG).
2012: Pierre-Luc Perchon (France, La Baume-Marseille).
2011: Sandy Cassar (France, FDG)