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Camille Stoch is getting ready for the season. “I want to evolve yet.” jump

– I feel better. It gained a lot of strength and distance from what it was. The end of the season was very difficult. Not only because we did not achieve unsatisfactory results. It all stemmed from the fact that we defended the relationships we built over the years with the former coach, but also because we didn’t know anything about the future. We didn’t know what it would look like or what challenges lie ahead. This was very disturbing. There was a situation that shouldn’t have happened, Stoch said.

– Today we are with a new coach, we are new people with experience and distance to the future and we have great energy for the future. We are ready to face new challenges, he added.

– I don’t want to be honest. There are many factors that can influence the future. Not knowing what our future will look like, it was hard to put it all together. I am glad that after a short time we found out who will be responsible for us. The coach told us about his goals and ideas. The Polish champion said he made me want to achieve what I want to achieve.

– I’d like to jump as long as I can do it at the highest level. I am open to a lot and focused. I still want to develop and hope to be able to do so in the near future – conclude.


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