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Canada: Over 3,000 all-new BMWs abandoned and rot in the open air in Vancouver |  Video |  EC Stories |  Globalism

Canada: Over 3,000 all-new BMWs abandoned and rot in the open air in Vancouver | Video | EC Stories | Globalism

Thanks to a video posted on Instagram by a user named Supercar. Fail, a few days ago the news spread about about 3,000 abandoned cars in Vancouver, Canada. What really stands out is that they are pure MINI and BMW unitsThose that have been abandoned in this land.

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As if that weren’t enough, most of the examples shown in the video are the high-performance variants of each model, such as some BMW M4, M6 or MINI JCW. According to what is known, these cars were abandoned in early 2015, and since then no one has done anything for them.

Sure, many car enthusiasts have considered going around and salvaging a unit, but the truth is that it’s practically impossible. These cars were abandoned in the lot by the importing agency due to the great damage they sustained while being transported to them Canada.

During the trip, there were several cars mechanical problems For bad underwriting, which will be very expensive to fix until you can sell it again. In the same way, the units were badly affected by salt water, moisture and sand, elements that decomposed the electronic problems of the suspension.

When this problem became known, all modules were stored. BMW did a study to see if the cars could be fixed, but they realized it would be a huge waste of money and preferred to choose to make the insurance valid.

Despite the poor quality of the video, high-end models can be seen, such as the BMW M6, M4 and many MINI JCWs. In the same way, the Alpina B6 appears to be emerging, a model that takes the Series 6 as its base and takes it to other levels of luxury; If so, this would be the most valuable of all the abandoned cars in the area.

As far as is known, there is no plan to save them and it is expected that within a few months they will begin to destroy cars. According to the brand’s statement, all possible materials will be recycled to reduce the pollution expected from the abandonment of these models.

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