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Canadian police: 70 arrests in Ottawa

According to a police statement in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, 70 people have been arrested.

– At 15 a.m., police chief Steve Bell said at a press conference at noon Friday (Canada time), 70 people were arrested.

– He continued: – We control the situation on the ground and continue to pressure to cleanse our streets, adding that the detainees are accused of committing several crimes, including disturbing public order.

The drive started trucks leaving the center of the Canadian capital, which has been largely closed.

Hundreds of police officers took part in the operation, some wearing riot gear and automatic weapons. Protesters were led away in handcuffs while drivers released the roaring teacher of their trucks in protest of the city.

The protesters, calling themselves the “Freedom Caravan,” are protesting against the virus restrictions in the country.

Hundreds of trucks were still shutting down central parts of Ottawa on Friday morning. Parliament has suspended its work for the first time as police prepare to stop the protest.

Two people he described as protest leaders were arrested late on Thursday.

Ahead of the police operation, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland warned protesters in large cars that their insurance policies would be canceled and their company accounts closed.

“The consequences are real and we will feel them,” she said.

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