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Canary Islands boiling with anger: “We have no choice” |  the world

Canary Islands boiling with anger: “We have no choice” | the world

The Canary Islands rage against mass tourism and plan demonstrations and hunger strikes.

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The article in brief

Anger over “overtourism” in the Canary Islands leads to demonstrations planned for April 20.

The local movement “Canarias se Exhaust” is threatening a hunger strike on April 11 against the tourist building.

Activists criticize the government's actions and warn that the future of future generations is at stake.

The President of the Canary Islands calls for calm and stresses the economic importance of tourism.

Anger against mass tourism in Sweden's favorite Canary Islands continues as a sequel.

Several environmental organizations have sounded the alarm that the Spanish archipelago can no longer handle all the tourism and is in danger of collapse – a discontent that has also emerged among the population.

“Historic” demonstrations are scheduled to take place in Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and La Palma on April 20. Islanders will then take to the streets and protest what they see as “overtourism” in the country, something Expressen has previously written about.

Now the Daily Mail writes that some activists have chosen to go ahead with their protest.

Going on a hunger strike

Local movement Canarias se Exhaust (Canary Islands Exhausted, Editor's Note) has announced that it plans to go on a hunger strike as early as April 11 if authorities do not halt the construction of two planned tourist buildings in Tenerife. Reports daily Mail.

– We have reached a point where we have no other choice due to the grave mistakes made by our poor government in the Canary Islands, say the activists in a statement.

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They believe that the government forced them to take the “desperate measure” and that “enough is enough.”

– They are putting our present, our future, and the future of new generations at stake, according to activists, according to the newspaper.

Canary Islands President Fernando Clavijo had previously called on protesters planning to take to the streets on April 20 to “behave sensibly” as tourists contribute millions to the local economy every spring and summer.

We cannot attack our main source of employment and prosperity. “It would be irresponsible,” says Fernando Clavijo, according to Birmingham Live.

Wing: follows what is happening

Claes Belvik, communications director at Ving, says they are following everything that is happening in the Canary Islands.

– If there is something that we judge may affect our guests, we always report it.

He is also in close contact with Canary Islands Tourism Minister Jessica de Leon.

– It is true that there are some small movements that have views on tourism, but in general the general public does not have any problem with this. really no. “It's the picture you told me about,” says Claes Belvik.

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