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Centre: Gather Parliament and test confidence in Purra – Halla-aho answers

The center’s Riksdag wants to convene parliament despite the summer recess to test confidence in the government and the finance minister Rica Peora (TRUE). He writes Ante KorvinenChairman of the Center’s Parliamentary Group via Twitter.

“Parliament should have the opportunity to test the confidence in the government and the opportunity for the government to act on the issue of racism Rica Bera. writes Ante Korvinen.

Earlier on Thursday, when it was announced that the Center’s parliamentary group would hold a meeting to discuss the issue, Anti Korvinen took the opportunity to throw a boot at the speaker. Josie Halla Aho (class).

Because the speaker Halla-aho Making it a technical question as to whether Parliament could be convened for a confidence test against Riikka Purra and the government, the Center’s Riksdag group decided to hold a meeting to formally decide on the matter.”

It didn’t take long for the answer to come from the speaker, Hala Aho. Minutes after Ante Korvinen’s pass, the speaker replied to the post: “Good!”

“We have an agreement on the rules of the game: Messages go directly, not through the audience,” Halla-aho told Antti Kurvinen.

Chairman of the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party. Ante Lindemannas announced Even Yle The party group will meet on Friday morning.

– We’ve had a clear line since yesterday and we’re ready to cancel the session break. However, we are waiting for all parliamentary blocs to have their deliberations first, Lindtmann tells Yle.

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All opposition parties have now expressed their desire for a vote of confidence, but collectively the opposition still represents the minority in parliament. In order to remove a minister, it would be necessary for members of the ruling parties not to give their vote of confidence in Parliament.