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Extreme heat in Europe – over 40 degrees Celsius

The Meteorological Institute’s Italian equivalent has named the heat wave Kerberos — after the three-headed dog monster that guards the gate to the underworld in Greek mythology, according to reports. CNN.

In northern Italy, a 44-year-old construction worker died on Tuesday after collapsing in heat that did not appear to be abating.

– At the end of this week, it seems that it will be a little colder than in recent days. But above 40 degrees is still expected in southern Spain, parts of Italy and Greece and towards Turkey, he says. Eldborg Mouxencemeteorologist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Red warnings for extremely high temperatures have been issued for southern Italy and parts of Croatia, Kosovo and Serbia, according to the European meteorological website Meteoalarm. Yellow and orange warnings are issued for large parts of southern and eastern Europe.

The European heat record, 48.8 degrees, which was measured in Sicily two years ago, is now threatened with collapse.

becoming more common

– Areas that were warm now look like they could warm up more than 40 degrees throughout the next week. It is not the case that the heat wave will pass immediately, says Eldeborg Mouxence.

How weird is it that she’s been hot for that long?

– We’ve seen similar episodes last summer, so it’s becoming more common. It’s something you should prepare for as a tourist, Moxnes says, if you don’t like the sweltering heat, you should probably think summer is not the right period to travel to those latitudes.

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As a tourist, you can refrain from this, but those who live in the hardest-hit areas face greater challenges, says the meteorologist.

In ten Italian cities, high heat warnings have been issued, especially against the elderly and other vulnerable groups, reports the AP news agency.

“Maybe cancel the flight.”

In Greece, where temperatures are expected to reach 44 degrees in parts of the country, authorities have banned access to nature reserves and forests to reduce the risk of wildfires. Private air-conditioned areas have also been opened in public buildings where people can go to escape the heat.

– It is a kind of challenge for Europe in the future. We’re not used to temperatures like these and many homes weren’t built to handle them either, with air conditioning and the like, says Eldeborg Moxnes.

If you book a trip to one of the hardest hit areas, it’s important to take breaks indoors when it’s hot and to drink plenty of fluids.

– But if you know you can’t stand the heat very well, or if you’re older or traveling with young children – maybe you should consider canceling the trip, says Eldeborg Moxnes.

– You have to have fun on vacation and 40 degrees isn’t fun.