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The Left Party wants to make it easier to take the train to Europe

Magdalena Anderson should stare to the left

The Left Party wants to expand train traffic to Europe.

Sleeping cars will be narrower. The reduced legroom is replaced by increased traffic, the possibility of taking a car and a bike on the train – and a direct line to Paris, with a connection to Milan.

Scandinavian cooperation

At least that's what the Left Party dreams of. End of this week said the party's first candidate in the EU elections, Jonas Sjostedt You want to start a Scandinavian night train company. They have the Danish and Norwegian sister parties, Enhitselistan and the Socialist Left. The goal is to create direct lines between the cities of the North and, in the long term, on the continent, where Swedish rolling stock is currently very extensive.

This is the exact opposite of the brake pads that the Tedo government repeatedly places on trains.

The Austrian state railway company is responsible for the inspiration. For nearly a decade, their night trains have been speeding through the European night with up to 95 percent accuracy. Reading such a number after the train chaos of recent years is like breathing fresh Alpine air.

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he is working well

Schustedt's vision is more realistic than it may seem to Swedish ears. In our neighboring countries, the left is moving as if on rails. in Norway They were long on Labour's heels, by around 15%. One New Danish survey It gives the two left-wing parties more than 25% of the vote, more than the Social Democratic Party, which now has to deal with them in a new way. No wonder their proposals have become more ambitious.

This issue could give the left and Noshi Dadgostar a real boost in public opinion. It's time for S to also jump on the train. With the expansion of railway traffic, it will be possible for everyone to relax under the southern European sun with a clear conscience. There's a good chance that even those who cover themselves in sunscreen from head to toe will come home looking red.