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Cezary ak comments about burning garbage in the plot.  There was a quote from the Gospel

Cezary ak comments about burning garbage in the plot. There was a quote from the Gospel

As announced on Wednesday, Cezary Żak, who was on a tour of his Mussoorie garden, was caught by photojournalists burning rubbish on his land. According to a “Super Express” report that reached the actor’s angry neighbor, he wanted to join the fire with others. Polystyrene, plastic and foil not only turned out to be harmful to the environment, but also made it very difficult for people living near the Caesarea and Katherine Żaków plot to rest. Neighbors did not leave strong words for the actor. The smoky environment had a major impact on them:

– “SE” said one of the witnesses to the incident.

Now the star of the “Ranch” series has decided to talk about his shameful behavior, or at least his latest social media post suggests it.

You can see the rest of the article below the video:

Cezary Żak talked about burning garbage in the plot. He referred to the Bible

Katarzyna Żak’s husband decided to comment on her reprehensible behavior in a different way. Cezary Żak posted a photo of himself as a village mayor on Facebook from the aforementioned series “Ranch”. Above the photo of Paweł Kozioł waving his finger, the actor quoted from the Gospel of St. John:

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Cezary Żak on Facebook.

It is difficult to find words of regret in this comment which has been noticed by some internet users. One of them suggested that the actor would be happy to throw new rubbish into the plot as the matter was slightly underestimated:

One of the angry fans made fun of him.

Most of the commenters However, he soon abandoned the actor’s reprehensible behavior and referred to the “Ransa” story.The pastor of the church, played by Cesari Żak, was angry that his host Michałowa was burning plastic in the oven.

– Cezary Żak’s fans made fun of him.

However, this did not please, for example, Jacek Ostoba of the Ministry of Climate and Environment submitted a statement to competent authorities on the matter.

– Mateusz Morawiecki, Deputy Minister of Government wrote on Twitter.

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Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Cezary Żak

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