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Jack Grealish, or the wrong part of the puzzle

Jack Grealish, or the wrong part of the puzzle

At each update, you will find the name of the player who entered the square with a positive result for his team, and who contributed to the disaster during his game. Like it or not, Jack Graylish is the face of Manchester City’s defeat yesterday. His performance at Bernabeu was the perfect climax of a very bad season.

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It is said in this case that the English bench started. The authorities paid 100 million for it Citizens Playing in a blue jersey, they thought he could match his wishes in the colors of Aston Villa. After all, it was a great previous season, a slightly weaker team leader, which was what caused the Shakes to put in so much money.

Of course, from the first day we went to the Girill Etihad Stadium, there was talk of a transfer fee. Many doubted that he was worth such a large sum and argued with the player’s nationality. You know, a transfer hero within the UK International Premier League – it always raises prices significantly. In turn, expectations come. There is a very serious scream here, because Grealish has not encountered this in any way.

As an attacking player for a team with 84 wins this season, he can only boast of two goals and two assists. We cannot blame this trivial release on an injury. Even sitting on the bench cannot save us. In the Premier League alone, he has made 23 appearances this season, 20 in the top eleven and 13 full-time appearances. His bad mood, however, has an impact on the importance of the matches in which he participates. Recently, with the most important ones, it felt like it was simply avoided.

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For clubs like Manchester City, spring games are very important. Only then should you count every point in the Premier League table and win the tie in the Champions League. What games did Graylish play since the beginning of April? He played 90 minutes in the league against Burnley, Watford and Leeds. Citizens Not just a duty, but a walk too. In addition, he won the FA Cup semi-final full time in defeat to Liverpool, which means let’s admit he was very valuable in important matches. What was his contribution to these most important meetings?

  • 22 minutes in the first match against Atletico,
  • 7 minutes with Liverpool in the league
  • 0 minutes in the rematch with Atletico,
  • 0 minutes in the first match against Real,
  • 42 minutes in the rematch with Real.

In addition, the result was slightly elevated as we had extra time at the Bernabeu. After the 78th minute, Cardiola let him on the pitch, believing he could see Grilis in less than a quarter of an hour. However, the crowd dragged on, and the time the English spent on the pitch was the worst part of the match. Citizens. Grealish may have become a hero, but in the end he still lacked something.

As he led his team, he created two excellent chances to score. He went right twice and hit the defenders KrolevskyBy running to your left foot. Everything happened in a few seconds. At first, Thibaut Courtois passed the ball between the poles, but Ferland Mendy removed it from the goal line. After a while, he found himself in a very similar situation, attacking the long post, but the Belgian goalkeeper showed an excellent march, he only swung the ball, but thus did not leave the goal.

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If the spectators end up competing with success, no one will return to these situations. If there is a draw, it will not be a matter of debate. But in the context of Manchester City being abandoned? All fans Citizens They may have woken up today with those two scenes in mind. If we talk about a young talent whose expectations are a little low, we can commend him for creating such situations ourselves. However, the theme is a guy for a hundred bubbles, and if he creates such opportunities, he should use one of them.

He can help them. After all, this is what Pep Cardiola is known for, and his football philosophy is based on creating the best target situations for himself. Grilish was able to pass the goal to Bill Foden, who at the time gave him the credit of scoring, but his team ensured a place in the Champions League final. However, he swallowed the goal as he played for Aston Villa under Dean Smith, where he was the undisputed leader. So it seems that the Englishman not only did not make it in good condition, but also did not fully adapt to the different style of his team.

Throughout the season, he gave no reason to praise local directors in the context in which he was transferred to Etihad. Yesterday, however, he threw another argument into the debate over the largest relocation industries in recent years. He emerged as one of the strength builders of one of the best clubs in the world. We already know that he’s one of the many players in the cycle who did not live up to expectations, in addition to a few matches before the end of the season.

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