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Champions League: Atletico Madrid – Manchester City. Game Highlights

Summary of the Champions League match between Atletico Madrid and Manchester City.

Atletico Madrid – Manchester City Summary None of the players entered the list of goal scorers on Wednesday evening at the Estadio Metropolitano. Check out the highlights of the Atletico Madrid – Manchester City match.

Atletico Madrid 0-0 Manchester City

Atletico Madrid: John Oblock – Stephen Chavic, Felipe, Rainildo – Marcos Lorende, Coke (69. Rodrigo de Paul), Jeffrey Gondocbia, Thomas Lemer (82. Luis Suarez), Renan Lodi (69. Angel Korea) – Antoine Griezmann (69). )), Joa Felix (82. Matthias Cunha)

City of Manchester: Ederson – Kyle Walker (73. Nathan AK), John Stones, Aymeric Laford, Joao Concelo – Kevin de Bruyne (65. Raheem Sterling), Rodrigo, Ilke Gundokan – Riot Mahrez, Bill Forden, Bernardo Silva (74).

Yellow Cards: Philippe, Lorente, Chavic – Rodrigo, AK, Mahras, Photon, Cancello

Red card: Philip (90 + 2, behind the second yellow)

First match: 0: 1. promotion: City of Manchester.

MC, Bolshoi Sport

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