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Prince Kate had to meet four conditions to join the royal family.  One is for the name

Prince Kate had to meet four conditions to join the royal family. One is for the name

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It is no secret that Princess Kate wanted to become the wife of Prince William before she began her studies. Katie: Katie Nicole, the daughter of The Future Queen, Carol and Michael Middleton, reveals that she entered her dream university a year before the next king, but dropped out of school the same year that Prince William studied. According to rumors, Elizabeth II’s grandson Princess Kate was delighted to see her in an almost revealing outfit at a fashion show. Today Prince William’s wife is not only allowed to wear this dress, but also any dress during the study period. Kate Middleton needs to drop the former wardrobe to become a full member of the royal family.

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How did the royal family prepare Princess Kate for this role?

According to Dasha, a dictator who analyzes the life of the British royal family, Princess Kate had to meet four key conditions to become the wife of Prince William. As a prospective queen, she took diction lessons to further refine her voice. He also took etiquette classes, which were absolutely essential in the royal family. Middleton’s daughter also stopped talking about herself as Kate and began to use only the full form of her name, Catherine. However, Tasha points out that the highlight was a complete change in Prince Kate’s style.

A change that any grandmother can be proud of. In principle, “we will change everything about you” can be described – comments tiktokerka.

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Before joining the royal family, Princess Kate, who was 28 at the time of her engagement to Prince William, had to drop jeans and baggy T-shirts in favor of the gowns and suits that women over the age of 20 usually wear. Although the wife of the future king is often praised for her beautiful dresses, there are regular accidents that actually aggravate her age. Like the yellow dress she wore on tour to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee.