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The Real Madrid player’s performance stunned commentators.  “It’s Illegal”, “Artwork” – UEFA Champions League – Game Wprost

The Real Madrid player’s performance stunned commentators. “It’s Illegal”, “Artwork” – UEFA Champions League – Game Wprost

Real Madrid beat Chelsea 3-1 in the first quarter of the Champions League, which was one step away from the semi-finals before the rematch on home soil. The trophy’s defenders, however, set a high standard for the Kings, and Rodrigo’s victory only made extra time at the end of a game played at the Santiago Bernabeu. Thanks to Karim Benzema’s goal, it was later settled in their favor by the hosts who made the check-in in the game.

UEFA Champions League. Luca Motric was delighted

After the game, a lot is said not only about Chelsea’s excellent play, but also about Luca Modricia’s help in Rodrigo’s goal. The Croatian, who was the mainstay of the Royal Midlines and the driving force behind Real Madrid’s offensive operations, is known for his high technical skills and excellent field view. This time the 36-year-old showed a fantastic pass with the outside of the foot pleasing to Rio Ferdinand.


The former Manchester United footballer at BT Sport Studio has admitted he was “speechless” after playing for Modricia. – This is illegal. Separate – he added. Joe Cole, who has played in the past. In Chelsea and Liverpool, the Modricia boss said it was simply “beautiful”. “This is an example of what quality players can do,” he said. Fabrizio Romano did not hide his admiration. “Luca Motricia’s help should be on display at the museum. It’s not football, it’s a work of art. “ – Said a famous journalist.

Dominic Stachoviak, noticed it “Probably every 36 year old in the world wants to be in shape like Luca Modric.”. “A Croatian world-class performance, a wonderful footballer who, despite the passing of years, still working for two or three teams. And an application to Rodrigo … cookie.” – Radio goal commentator added. “Rodrigo hit a volley, but not to mention Modricia’s pass” – Written by Michał Kołodziejczyk, Director of Canal + Sport.

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