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Change of power in Poland – the opposition defeated the Nationalist government

Change of power in Poland – the opposition defeated the Nationalist government

The starting point was unclear when Poland went to the polls on Sunday. But in the end it turned out that the centrist and left-wing pro-EU opposition, led by the conservative liberal party Medborgarplatform, made good progress in public opinion.

The “Popular Platform” party and the other two opposition parties, Tredewagen and Vanstern, obtain their majority in Parliament. The supposed government coalition will be led by Citizens Platform leader Donald Tusk, who was also prime minister from 2007 to 2014.

Despite the opposition’s successes, the Law and Justice Party became the largest party.

After the national conservative Law and Justice Party led the country towards an increasingly illiberal, authoritarian and polarizing development. Before the election, many observers warned that another PiS term could be a fatal blow to Polish democracy. It is now believed that the country will change course and become more EU friendly and democratic again.

But Rosa Thun from Tredje vägen speaks loudly Yale That road back could be a long one.

The first, of course, is to restore the rule of law, the independence of the legal system, and the path to Europe. We must once again liberate these institutions from the control and influence of the Law and Justice Party.

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Before the election, the far-right Union Party had opinion numbers suggesting it would have increasing support and influence in parliament. The party also advanced slightly, from about 6% to just over 7%, a smaller increase than pre-election polls showed.

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The new government is expected to be formed sometime in December.