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The opposition is heading towards victory in Poland

The opposition is heading towards victory in Poland

The national conservative Law and Justice Party has been in power since 2015. Since then, the Polish government has been accused of undermining democratic fundamentals by politicizing the courts and controlling the media. On issues such as immigration and gay rights, Poland has clashed with the European Union on several occasions. The party’s time in power may now be coming to an end after Poland’s parliamentary elections scheduled for Sunday.

-The Democrats won. This is the end of the state of law and justice. “We can already say that this is the end of this bad period,” the main opposition leader, Donald Tusk, said on Sunday evening. According to Reuters.

Tusk previously served as Prime Minister of Poland and led the liberal-conservative Citizens Platform party, which merged into an electoral coalition. One Scan the polling station The liberal-conservative Citizens’ Coalition, along with the left-wing Social Democrats and the center-right Third Way coalition, appear to be able to muster a majority in the Polish Sejm.

Polish President Andrzej Duda, an ally of PiS, said he would give the first attempt to form a government to the largest party, PiS.

The question is whether we can transfer this success to the next term as a ruling party. This is something we still do not know,” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, PiS leader, said on Sunday evening. According to TVN24 channel.

The official vote count Monday afternoon showed nearly two-thirds of the votes cast. At the time, the three party coalitions supporting Tusk had nearly 50% support, thus including other parties that were not expected to clear the electoral hurdle.

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Recording a high voter turnout

According to the survey conducted by the polling station, the participation rate in the elections reached slightly more than 72 percent, which will be the highest ever according to the country’s Election Commission.