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Greta Thunberg in dispute with Israel: “Supporting terrorism”

Published on 2023-10-20 21.31

Greta Thunberg took a stand for Gaza and Palestine in a post on X.

This prompted the Israeli army spokesman to continue the attack.

– Anyone who sympathizes with Greta in any way in the future is, in my view, a supporter of terrorism, says Ari Sharoz Shalikar. POLITICO.

The post was published on X on Friday afternoon.

There, Greta Thunberg can be seen in a photo with three other climate activists. Everyone carries handmade banners with messages taking a stand for Gaza and Palestine.

“Today we strike in solidarity with Gaza and Palestine. The world must speak out and demand an immediate ceasefire and justice and freedom for the Palestinians and all affected civilians.”

On Instagram, Greta Thunberg also shared a post from a pro-Palestinian German account, in which it was expressed that genocide had occurred in Gaza.

Destruction in Gaza.

I apologize

Thunberg’s post prompted the Israeli army to respond forcefully.

In an interview with Politico, Ari Sharoz Shalikar, a spokesman for the military, said that anyone who sympathizes with Greta in the future should be viewed as a supporter of terrorism.


The fact that Greta stands in solidarity with Gaza, while not mentioning a single word about the massacre of the Israelis, shows that she is not actually on the side of the Palestinians. Instead, it sweeps Palestinian, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad terrorism under the rug.

Shalekar later apologized for his statement regarding those who support Greta.

– I felt very upset when I spoke and my words did not reflect my personal views nor the views of the IDF, he told POLITICO.

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Stuffed animals spark outrage: ‘anti-Semitism’

Thunberg also received criticism for the stuffed octopus featured in the post. That photo has now been removed and replaced with another photo.

The octopus has long been a symbol of anti-Semitism.

“It has come to my attention that the stuffed animal I saw in my previous post could be interpreted as a symbol of anti-Semitism, something I was completely unaware of. The toy in the photo is a tool that autistic people often use to express their feelings,” Thunberg wrote. .