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Milan is more like Horby than you think

It seems that it is not obvious to wear shoes on the escalator

Watermelon in Milan.

Milan. He sits with his legs crossed on the subway seat, accustomed to the world, and this is exactly his first mistake. As he lets his eyes wander among the other travellers, his chin rises so many degrees that superiority cannot be misunderstood, and he misses that the carriage has just rolled into S. Ambrogio.

A moment too Late he threw himself into the gates and committed his second foul of the day. Like a knight without a runner, he aims his red-flowered umbrella-shaped spear straight into the dragon’s jaws. The doors close and the train begins to roll. He tore the canopy apart with full force but had no chance.

The defeated man He gets off at the next stop, following the flowering umbrella onto the platform.

I’m telling you this because it’s Milan in a nutshell – at first glance it’s clean and elegant, and when you look closely it’s mostly a big city full of people kneaded from the same dough as those in Horbi for example.

Although, to be completely fair, there are a few things that separate Milano from those who live in a central location in Scania. For example, the mayor of Milan is an environmentalist. Unlike Giuseppe Sala, I do not see the mayor of Horby calling for the creation of car-free zones. But Milan is also one of the most polluted cities in Europe.

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However, everything seemed clean. There are no dilapidated beer cans or roadside trash. The streets were wet even when it wasn’t raining, as if someone had gone over them with a wet mop when she looked away.

In other words, it’s exactly the kind of boomtown in which you vote Green.

Unlike The coastal town of Ventimiglia where I was earlier this week. There they have a right-wing populist mayor. But they also have broken windows, cracked facades, and loose tiles just waiting for the best opportunity to fall on someone’s head. The number of homeless migrants is greater than the number of cars in parking lots.

I doubt the parking lots in Horby are overcrowded. But perhaps they have their reasons for voting for right-wing populists too.

The people of Milan must have a green mayor. They are progressive, politically conscious, gay-friendly, and world-famous for their fashion weeks. It’s full of people, and they know what they want and where to go. Walking through the city is like suddenly finding yourself in the middle of the bullring wearing a red hat.

But they are not As sophisticated and grand as it seems at first glance. Sure, they still need to cross out cigarette signs in bars. But after a while I noticed that they also have signs on public transport stating that you are not allowed to ride the elevator barefoot.

And they are running It’s as big a risk as someone from Horby, for example, getting stuck in two subway doors in the big city.