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China cooperative in Balticconnector investigation – ‘no preconceived conclusions’

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland Elena Valtonen Samel says China has expressed its cooperation regarding the investigation into the destroyed Balticconnector gas pipeline.

She met with the Chinese ambassador.

– It is good cooperation at the authority level and at the diplomatic level, says Valtonen.

It believes China has cooperated, among other things, in the investigation into the ownership of the Newnew Polar Bear, but is tight-lipped about details that may have emerged.

The Chinese-flagged Newnew Polar Bear is the cargo ship being investigated by the Central Criminal Police, after it was found that she was at the helm of the vessel at the time of its destruction. An anchor was found nearby.

prime minister Petri Orbo Samel describes China’s approach as practical and constructive, but he does not address exactly how China commented on the doubts surrounding the ship.

How does Finland deal with China now, for example regarding large investments, and is there any willingness to deal differently?

– Here is the same principle as always, not to jump to conclusions in advance. If you look at the course of this investigation so far, Orbaugh says, there’s reason to emphasize moderation and let the authorities do their job.

– Therefore, there is no reason now to evaluate the relationship with China.

In any case, it is about damage to critical EU infrastructure, as Orbo points out, making it a European issue. This week Orpo is on his way to the EU summit.

– We have previously activated the EU Strategic Toolkit against Hybrid Threats, which was once established at the initiative of Finland. It only exists in situations like this. This means that the EU is preparing together and looking at different ways to support countries at risk, says Orbo.

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The toolbox means that Finland can receive financial support and compensation.

– On the other side of the process, it may happen that we know who is behind it, and then look at joint measures on the part of the European Union.

In connection with the EU Summit, Orpo will hold a meeting with the Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja kala And the Prime Minister of Sweden Ulf KristerssonThen both the damaged gas pipeline and two data cables in the Baltic Sea will be on the agenda.

At the summit itself, the issues of the month relate to support for Ukraine, the situation in the Middle East, the EU’s line ahead of the COP28 climate meeting and the budget framework.