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Changes to the ban on trade are still possible

Changes to the ban on trade are still possible

The Constitutional Court has not ruled that restrictions on trade on Sundays are compatible or incompatible with the Constitution – the Leviathan Confederation was evaluated on Tuesday. In the organization’s opinion, changes in the law could still be made.

Constitutional Court Tuesday ruled the constitutionality of the two contested provisions regarding Sunday’s trade ban, but decided to stay the case with respect to the remaining two articles.On its basis prohibitions and exceptions were created.

The law, which imposed a Sunday trading ban on most institutions, has been in effect since March 1, 2018. In 2018, the Leviathan Confederation submitted an application on the constitutionality of these provisions to the Constitutional Court. In this application, four provisions of the law have been challenged.

According to Leviathan, The law characterizes the status of employees with regard to the freedom to perform work on certain days, Which has a discriminatory effect, as a group of distinct employers and employees arises. Moreover, as the Federation believes, “the law distinguishes the status of employers to such an extent that this provision defines a group of entities not covered by the trade embargo, and thus differentiates the status of employees with regard to freedom to work on certain days” .