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Chaos at Kabul airport – shooting

Since the Taliban captured Kabul, thousands of Afghans have taken shelter at the airport and many have tried to board planes to leave the country. The US military controls the capital’s international airport and confirmed on Monday morning that shots were fired in the air to prevent people from running to the runways.

– You can’t control the crowd. A US spokesman told Reuters the shots were fired only to stave off chaos.

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Afghans boarded a plane at Kabul airport.

Photo: MP Kohsar/AFP

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The US Army controls the airport.

Photo: Chakib Rahmani/AFP

because of the chaos All commercial flights have been grounded and only private flights are allowed, according to France Press agency.

“This is our airport, but we are seeing diplomats being evacuated while we wait in a state of uncertainty,” Rakhshanda Jilali, a human rights activist trying to reach Pakistan, told Reuters.

Several media reported on Monday, including Reuters The Wall Street Journal And BBC, reported several deaths at the airport, with immediate reference to witnesses. The US military has not commented on the allegations. How people died is not clear.

Videos abound On social media where people get on board rolling planes as well as movies that are said to show people falling from planes in the air.

Movies Night through Monday show hundreds of people trying to board one of the last commercial flights on their way out of the country. Journalist Bilal Sarwari is one of those who posted a video on Twitter from the airport.

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Journalist Ahmar Khan also posted videos that were said to show desperation at the airport.

A reporter for Australia’s ABC News spoke to people at the airport testifying about the chaos and hearing of gunfire.

Intensive work in progress For embassy staff from countries all over the world. Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde said: At a press conference Monday morning That all Swedish embassy staff were able to leave the country. Linde said they were evacuated on Sunday night to a military base in Doha. The foreign minister said local employees are still in the country.

On Monday morning, the US State Department said that US embassy employees were taken to the airport.

On Sunday, the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) agreed to deploy another thousand soldiers to Afghanistan to secure the evacuation of embassy staff, Reuters reported. After that, approximately 6,000 US troops will be deployed in the country.

Monday afternoon Evacuation flights have also been paused to allow staff to make sure the stands are clear, according to a military spokesperson, who wrote to Reuters. It was unclear how long the break would last.

The United States is working to secure the area at Kabul airport after the chaos that has developed there, according to the country’s security adviser John Finer.

“Our main focus today is to make sure everything starts over at the airport so that air traffic can continue,” Wiener told MSNBC.

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