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Three in the laboratory in Wuhan fell ill – before the outbreak of the epidemic

The origin of the new coronavirus has been discussed. The World Health Organization has sent an investigation team to China to find out the truth of the matter. After initially opposing the Chinese authorities, the team was able to start its investigations in January this year.

The team was unable to determine a clear result of how SARS-CoV-2 spreads in humans. But researchers from the group indicated that the virus “likely” jumped from animals to humans and speculated whether it could have come from animal farms in southern China.

Although the team couldn’t rule out the theory that the virus had leaked from the laboratory at the Institute for Virology Studies in Wuhan, China – the multi-million-dollar city where the epidemic began – it described it as extremely unlikely.

Discharged as “crush balls”

Subsequently, several researchers criticized the findings in the report and said that one of the people responsible – zoologist Peter Daszak – was disrespectful when he himself collaborated with the institute in Wuhan that was identified as a possible source of infection. In his research, he worked to strengthen the individual properties of viruses, with the aim of developing vaccines into different types of infectious viruses. Including by manipulating the virus’s nail proteins, something similar to what is known about what makes the new coronavirus so infectious. However, those who defend the laboratory theory have been dismissed by Peter Daszak as “crush balls.”

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated that the origin of the virus and the laboratory theory need further investigation.

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On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal reported that three employees of the Wuhan laboratory became seriously ill and required hospital care in November 2019. The newspaper cites US intelligence information, which also states that people suffered symptoms “consistent with the Coronavirus or other illnesses.” Seasonal. “

A source told the newspaper that the information comes from an “international partner” and should be further investigated. Another source says the information is of high quality:

The information we received from several different sources was of high quality. It was very accurate. However, it does not answer the question of why they are sick, the person tells the newspaper.

The theory was rejected by the institute

China categorically denied the theory that the virus may have spread from a laboratory in Wuhan. The country’s authorities also claim that the first case of COVID-19 was detected on December 8, which is inconsistent with the findings of the WHO team.

The Wuhan Institute rejected the same theory, and their head Yuan Qiming said in a statement in February:

– There were no accidents where the pathogen was leaked or staff members were injured.

Swedish journalist Ula Wong has it in one Quarterly article Explain how the Chinese state, in its propaganda work, has successfully sealed the laboratory leak theory as a conspiracy theory and its adherents are racists and foil caps.

“Inconvenient circumstances and evidence are not the same as proven guilt, and there are certainly forces in the United States that have an interest in blaming the party state. But do not let ugly methods of governance combined with accusations of conspiracy and racism theories undermine the work to trace the origin of the virus.” Ola Wong writes.

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WHO: No evidence of COVID-19 infection before December 2019

In March, risky coronavirus trials in Wuhan were reported to the United States by the end of 2017.
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