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Thousands stormed the airport – they began to rave

Published on 2024-03-31 20.31

The party can continue.  Thousands of French people gathered at an airport to celebrate for several days, despite the ban.

More than 8,000 French people stormed Brittany airport early Saturday morning.

Their goal: start a rave and keep the party going throughout the Easter weekend.

The French police have been put in place – the scoundrels can end the party.

At 4pm on Saturday, a group of people stormed the entrance to the airport outside Quimper, which had not been used for commercial air traffic since November, several French media reported.

According to Alain Espinasse, the governor of the Finistère region, they “almost overturned” the police vehicle that was on guard, Libération newspaper wrote.

Despite police confiscating “65 cubic meters of sound equipment”, at least 8,000 people pouring into the amphitheater managed to set up at least ten different walls and speakers, as well as party tents. Visitors seem to come from widely different parts of France and Belgium.

All of this, of course, is prohibited. When local authorities learned of these plans, they issued a ban on all unlicensed music festivals during the Easter weekend. Just try, the crows replied to the sign, “Then we'll celebrate in your gardens instead.”

Breaking up the party and kicking out the crowd is not an option. According to local authorities, it endangered the safety of its participants. Instead, they check people coming and going and remind them that what they are doing is not allowed. Emergency services are on site for any emergency.

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The party is scheduled to continue until Monday evening.