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The strange SVT characteristic of Gaza causes confusion

The strange SVT characteristic of Gaza causes confusion

The man on the right in the background appears semi-transparent at first before becoming clearer and fully revealed. Other people disappear in the same way during the encounter with a health care provider.

Photo: SVT/Report

In the “Rapport” program broadcast by SVT on Monday at 19.30, there was a clip from Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, which was completely destroyed after attacks launched by the Israeli army over the past two weeks.

About five minutes after the report aired on SVT Play, paramedic Hussein Muhaisen was interviewed outside the hospital.

During the interview, some people in the background suddenly appear out of nowhere while others disappear.

SVT: “Many viewers have reached out”

“Several viewers contacted us yesterday with the same question. The answer is that the interviewee's answer is truncated. It thus consists of two different parts,” wrote Roland Zuiderveld, Rapport's 19.30 broadcast editor, in an email response.

In normal cases, a clip is usually inserted as a transition when an interview answer is cut off, and instead cuts directly so that it is clear to the viewer that it is a clip.

But in this feature, the people in the background seem to dip in and out of the feature in a seamless manner.

“Instead of making a straight, uglier cut, the reporter chose to add an effect. This made the image transition look weird,” Roland Zuderfeld wrote.

Effect removed in “Current”

The effect was removed in the Current Affairs broadcast and was later found to be a clip.

“In Aktuellt 21, this effect was removed and the clip subsequently became uglier and not processed at all – what we call a ‘cut-cut’ in technical parlance. However, in such contexts, there can be points in clearly reporting the cut-off rather of making the item look its best,” writes Roland Zuderfeld.

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In the report, which aired at 11:30 p.m., Rapport chose to show a clip during the second part of the interviewee's answer.

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